Testimonials from my patients:

Thank-you note from a patient

"Thank you for your report. It is clear that Jackson has improved 
remarkably, and I agree that a revision is needed to his lingual frenum.
We will arrange to get him in soon to perform a laser frenectomy.
It is good to know a fine myologist in Manhattan."
Michael Ungerleider, DMD, MAGD
Master of the Academy of General Dentistry
President New England Mastertrack 7
V.P. International Association of Orthodontics New England
Connecticut State Dental Association Board of Governors
Past President Hartford Dental Society 
Past President Granby Chamber of Commerce
Granby Dental Center unsecure
41 Hartford Avenue
Granby, CT 06035
Creators of healthy dazzling smiles!

"Dana's therapy helped me learn the proper technique of swallowing, resting my tongue on the roof of my mouth and also trying to breathe through my nose instead of my mouth. One big achievement is that I am able to swallow medicine easily which wasn't the case earlier."

N. Razdan

U.A.E via Skype

'The most important benefit my daughter received from this treatment
is proper tongue placement at rest and a proper lip seal.  I saw significant changes in congestion/ breathing, improved sleeping, eating and drinking habits, elimination of jaw pain (jaw popping) and improved facial cosmetics.  
On a scale between 1-8, I rate the following:
8     ~ Pleased with the results of the therapy
8     ~ Value of the therapy
8+  ~ Therapists knowledge of myofunctional therapy
8+  ~ Therapist's manner of presentation
8     ~ Effectiveness of therapy instructions
Dana's home therapy program was more beneficial to my daughter than two other office therapy sessions!  I suggest an online blog with instructional videos to refresh techniques in between visits to answer any questions - even though she immediately answered my emails'.  
Jill L, mother of Kaitlin L. 14 yo
New Hampshire  - all sessions through Skype
'The treatment I received at Myology Works has been a great experience.  Dana's
genuine care, patience, eagerness and her investment in my well being was an added bonus to the treatment. 
My case was very extensive and Dana was able to significantly improve my abnormal functions.  The exercises helped me a great deal as it improved the strength of my jaw, bite and swallow.  My facial features changed for the better; medically as well as cosmetically.  As an adult this process brought on its own personal challenges however her approach helped with the anxiety of doing this therapy.  
Dana worked closely with me through the treatment process from beginning to end.  
She tailored the treatment to my needs and I had open communication with her every step of the way.  At times dealing with both orthodontic and myofunctional therapy can be trying but having Dana as a support made this process easier and an absolute pleasant experience'.  
Stephanie B.
28 yrs old

'The most important benefit I received from this therapy
was establishing a routine I can use for the rest of my life'.  
  Dylan W.
15 years old

'I gained the awareness of my tongue, jaw and
 facial habits I needed to begin effectively taking control of my speech.  
In regards to the Home Therapy Program, I realized I needed to work on it more to
ensure that the therapy would stick.  The patient needs to know how committed he must be to doing the exercises everyday'.
Steven K.
22 years old
Westchester, NY 

'The most important benefit I received from this therapy is acquiring a new tongue
placement which led to less headaches.  It also resulted in a cessation of further pushing out my front teeth.  
The exercises were tedious, but worthwhile.  
Dana was professional, informative and kind.  She made the whole process fun and do-able'.
Sarah B.
32 years old

'Learning how much my tongue placement effects my
smile put the importance of making sure it was correct into perspective.  
The Home Therapy Program was extremely important in my progress - without it nothing would have changed.  
Overall my experience was wonderful and I'm so happy I did this - I feel so much better about my smile'. 
Kristin S.
29 years old

'Thanks to Dana, my tongue is properly placed at all times,
my speech is better and it is a pleasure to smile.  Dana is great!  Thank you!
The practice exercises of the Home Therapy Program are very important to reinforce the work done in the office.  
Dana is the best and a very committed practitioner'.
Michelle T.
52 years old

'The therapy provided and achieved results that were positive and desired.  
The Home Therapy is time consuming and demands discipline and perseverance.  All of which are essential ingredients for achieving desired results'.
Maureen M., Mother of Ellen, patient age 10
Queens, NY

'I never knew how important a correct swallow was until I started therapy.  What a difference it has made!
The Home Therapy process can appear tedious, but it isn't. If you stick to it, it just becomes part of your day.
The therapy has been very helpful.  Thank you for always being available for my questions!!'
Eliza T.
24 years old
Boston, MA
Therapy sessions via Skype

'The most important benefit we received from
this therapy is proper oral posture and much better facial cosmetics.  
We are very pleased with the results of Myofunctional Therapy.  It takes both 
time and effort of the parent and child but it does make a positive difference if the child is compliant.
We realize proper lip posture, tongue posture and correct swallowing are very important for the growth and development of children.  It affects the arch, palate, teeth and the development of the face.  I wish I knew this years ago because we could have corrected this at a younger age.  
I would absolutely recommend Myofunctional Therapy.  I feel that all orthodontist
and dentists should be aware of this therapy.  Both of my daughters have positive results from this therapy.
Dana is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.  She is patient and always available to answer questions.  We are thrilled with the final outcome'.
Deborah G. mother of Olivia, age 13
and Ava, age 11; patients 
Long Island, NY 

'The most important benefit my daughter received
from this therapy would becoming aware of the tongue position in her mouth.
I am aware of significant changes my daughter made in the areas of self-esteem, self-confidence, facial cosmetics and sucking, eating and drinking habits.  
The Therapy Program took a lot of dedication on behalf of patient and mother.  
Perhaps integrating a DVD or Skype once a week would be helpful'.
Grace G. Mother of Emily, age 10; patient
Queens, NY

'The most important benefit I received from this therapy is learning to swallow
and chew correctly, thereby eliminating my facial pain and allowing me to lead a more
comfortable, healthier, happier life!
I am aware of significant changes in my self-esteem, self-confidence,
posture, my bite, pain areas and eating, drinking, sucking and sleeping habits.
The Home Therapy Program felt frustrating and tedious and
time consuming in the beginning...but worth it because it led to positive results!
I was referred to Dana Hockenbury by my
chiropractor and orthodontist - they consistently described their respect
for her, explaining that she was simply 'the best' at what she does.  And after having the good fortune of being a patient of hers for the past year,  I must confess that I couldn't agree more.  She had an infectiously
positive and inspiring attitude from the start, her sessions were fairly priced, she listened to me when  I described my problems I was having (TMJ, tongue thrusting, inability to swallow correctly or
keep my tongue in the correct resting position, to name a few), and prescribed the right
course of exercises and treatment plan to help me get better.  
She was very generous with her time and made sure she didn't waste mine - explaining precisely how each exercise should be done, helping me devise particular strategies for how to most effectively engage in the therapy, addressing all my concerns and answering all my questions both during official therapy sessions and in between sessions whenever I had any questions that popped up, and graciously checked in with me between sessions to make sure everything was all right.  
Today I can swallow and chew normally, my TMJ is non-existent, and the huge gap between my upper and lower teeth that resulted from my tongue thrust no longer exists - thanks to the exercises she gave me, her intelligent therapy techniques, and her consistent respect and encouragement throughout the entire process.  I cannot recommend her highly enough - she is as respectful, hardworking, intelligent and generous as they come'. 
Nadia T.
33 years old

'The most important benefit I received from this therapy is 
awareness of tongue & lip resting postures and the knowledge that fixing it is under my conscious control.
The Home Therapy took a lot of time and mental control.
Dana has such a great attitude, she lifts your spirits and makes you want to try hard'.  
Gabriella C.
Student at Columbia University

'The most important benefit I have received from this
therapy is that my entire adult life orthodontia would have been for naught without
Dana Hockenbury's expertise.
The Home Therapy program involved tongue strengthening exercises 
which produced the most results, in my opinion.  The lip strengthening and stretching the least.  
  I feel so fortunate to have found Dana Hockenbury.  She has helped me in a big way! I required braces as an adult to correct a bad bite before permanent damage was doing to my teeth.  After two years, the results were great.  Soon after the braces were removed, I noticed quite significant shifting of my newly straightened teeth.  
The orthodontist reassured me that a new bite settles a bit and dismissed my worries, 
but after 4 months of shifting, she had to agree that something was wrong. Quickly asking me
to swallow during a follow-up appointment, she casually said that I had a tongue thrust.  My tongue was mispositioned and pushing against my teeth while swallowing and even when at rest.  In her opinion this was not fixable.  After paying $6000 out of pocket for braces, I was stunned and decided to take matters into my own hand.  That's when I found Dana Hockenbury's website and immediately made an appointment.  
From September to November 2011, I worked with Dana and can
happily report that I made great strides in correcting my tongue thrust.  It wasn't easy - but neither
was it unpleasant.  Ms Hockenbury is a fantastic therapist who, in my opinion, both enjoys and excels in her field. She carefully assessed my problem and provided a thorough treatment protocol.  The exercises were clearly explained and tracked from week to week to assess compliance and effectiveness.  She periodically follows up to make sure all is still stable.  I consider myself lucky to have benefited from Dana Hockenbury's expertise.  She is a joy to work with and I cannot recommend her highly enough'.
John C. 
36 years old

'The exercises corrected my lip and tongue resting
posture problem which is the biggest benefit I received from this therapy.
I have found significant changes in posture, eating habits and my bite.  
The Home Therapy Program was found to be strenuous but results are excellent.  I would recommend this program to others'.
Diane C.
58 years old
Bergen, NJ

'The most important benefits I received from this therapy
are stronger jaw muscles and conscious tongue placement/balance.  
I am aware of significant changes in my facial
cosmetics, pain areas, sleeping habits and eating & drinking habits.  
I recently completed my Myology therapy sessions with Dana Hockenbury with very
positive results.  Through the awareness exercises and muscle training outlined in Dana's program I have seen a 100% correction in lacement/swallow of my lifelong tongue thrust habit.  The exercises have also brought a more symmetrical shape to my face.  The strength and awareness I developed through my therapy with Dana gives me stronger confidence and a solid foundation for life after orthodontics.  
I am most satisfied with the results.
I found working with Dana to be a pleasure both professionally
and personally and highly recommend her for myofunctional therapy'.  
Mary R.
33 years old

'The most important benefit I received from this therapy was to learn 
proper swallow techniques and proper tongue resting position to help keep my teeth aligned.
I found significant changes in my tongue resting posture, my bite, and eating & drinking habits.
The Home Therapy Program was really important to do.  The exercises are in particular
strengthening order - they build upon on another.  Master them before moving on to next lesson plan.  
I would recommend the program to others.
Dana was a pleasure to work with.  She is warm and sincere, professional and
an expert in her field.  She really takes the time to educate and work with you and helps you
master new tongue postures and techniques.  She is patient and available for questions and
concerns outside of appointments.  She also checked in to see how the new lessons were going; very thorough.
Aside from my commute from NJ, I have no complaints'!
Andrea W.
39 years old
New Jersey

'I have developed awareness of my tongue and
lip resting posture and learned that my swallow is a reverse swallow.  
I might have been more compliant with the Home Therapy if there were fewer exercises to do each week.  I would have trusted that the exercises were necessary if I felt they were more
tailored to me rather than a program. 
I've seen significant changes in my eating and drinking habits.
My dentist recommended seeing Dana before getting Invisaline to ensure
the teeth would stay in place.  Before even getting the braces, this therapy closed my bite.  
I would recommend Dana to anyone with a tongue thrust / tongue placement problem'.  
Hilary F.
41 years old

'The most important benefits I received from this therapy
program are the awareness to check my tongue posture, bite and proper oral position while I sleep.
I found significant changes in my self-confidence, facial
cosmetics, posture, congestion & breathing, eating & drinking habits and my bite.  
The Home Therapy Program is great, fun and motivating'.  
   Noah G.  
19 years old

'In my field, the results from this therapy made me
feel more mature looking, with improving the lisp and closed mouth.
I found the Home Therapy to be quite easy - not a hard task at all.
Dana, you're great; was worth every minute.  My results
are the best referrals to others'. 
Shaindy S.
31 years old
Brooklyn, NY


'More than any other provider that I can long remember having visited, Dana Hockenbury is the definition of a professional in the truest sense of the word; intelligent, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, dedicated, compassionate, always quick to follow-up, fully accountable and extremely competent at providing the best-quality care possible for her clients.  I recommend her in the highest of terms as a speech therapist and for orofacial myology'.

Joanne K.

32 years old




'For a child like Joseph who took the exercises seriously, it really works'.  

Heloisa M. - Parent

Joseph M. 11 years old




'The most important benefit I received from this therapy was to stop my fingersucking habit.
I saw significant changes in my posture, breathing and sucking habits.
 I would highly recommend this program to someone else'.  
Adult patient (name requested to be withheld)

'The most important benefit I received from this therapy
is having a more relaxed jaw - learned how to breathe through my nose has helped
me to feel a lot more comfortable physically.  
I am aware of significant changes in my posture, congestion/breathing and my bite.  
The Home Program is very time consuming - one has to be very committed to
complete all of the exercises and reps.
Thank you so much for the help.  The tongue and jaw exercises you gave
me were challenging but well worth the effort.  I feel such a difference in my everyday quality
of life.  Because my tongue is in its proper position, my jaw feels more stable.  This has also created more relaxation when I speak.  And that is a welcome change for me.  Also for the first time I understand how the shoulders can relax into a more natural position'.  
Jennifer C.